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Essential Spanish

At the Airport

Going to the airport can be a daunting process especially if you can’t speak the language. Most of the staff in Spanish airports speak English these days or can guide you towards someone who can.

There are always times when a small amount of Spanish can be useful. Home Espana have devised some essential words and phrases that will help you in a difficult situation.

Print the information below and tuck it into your passport for peace of mind.

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Useful Words At The Airport

Passportel pasaporte
Ticketel billete
Boarding passla tarjeta de embarque
Suitcasela maleta
Baggageel equipaje
Baggage claim areala zona de recogida de equipajes
Security guardel guardia de seguridad
Flight attendantel/la sobrecargo
Flightel vuelo
Baggage cartel carrito de equipaje
Non smoking sectionla sección de no fumadores
Customs officela aduana

Phrases At The Airport

Where can I claim my luggage?
?Donde puedo recoger mi equipaje, por favor?

Where is customs?
?Donde est? aduanas?

Could you help me with my bags please?
?Por favor, me puede ayudar con las maletas?

I’ve lost my luggage.
He perdido mi equipaje.

Where can I get a taxi?
?Donde puedo coger un taxi?

Where are the toilets?
?Donde están los servicios, por favor?

What time is my flight?
?A qué hora sale mi vuelo?

I’ve lost my tickets.
He perdido mi billete

I want to change my flight.
Quisiera cambiar mi vuelo.

Where can I get refreshments?
?Donde puedo tomar algo?

Where can I rent a car?
?Donde puedo alquilar un coche?

How long is the delay?
?Cuanto tiempo esta retrasado el vuelo?

Which way to the departure lounge?
?Donde está la Salida?

I need a wheelchair.
Necesito una silla de ruedas.

Where are the pay phones?
?Donde están las cabinas telefónicas?

Where can I change my money?
?Donde puedo cambiar dinero?

I need to see a doctor.
Necesito un médico