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Andalucia property a continuing attractive investment

Current economic factors make Andalusian property a continuing attractive investment option

Many investors have lost confidence in stocks and shares. They are disillusioned with their poorly performing pension and savings plans, PEPs and fund investments that continue to fall in value daily.

Today, investors are searching for alternative opportunities yielding a satisfying return on their investment. Property in Andalucia offers substantially greater returns than any other form of investment.

Today, the property market remains buoyant and there is little sign of change while the tourist industry supports this growth.

Purchased in a carefully chosen location, property in Andalucia remains a favourite form of investment.

As the second most popular tourist destination in the world, tourism to Spain continues to rise each year. In 2005, it welcomed some 55.6 million tourists and the Spanish Ministry of Tourism predicts that by 2025, 3 million foreigners will have come to Spain to set up home – treble the figures of today.

Property prices in many hotspot areas now offering good deals lower than those back home, thus affording a holiday or second home, or indeed relocation and early retirement.

Spain is also the number one destination for young investors who are priced out of the property ladder in their home countries and use Spain, and in particular Andalucia, as an investment vehicle to raise funds for a future purchase in their own country.

Now it is the time to buy properties in Andalucia.

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